WOO® Vitamins and micronutrients

An optimal micronutrient supply can bring you various benefits:

  • Energy and endurance even with the highest demands
  • Closes gaps because of sports, nutrition and lifestyle
  • Healthy blood lipids and cholesterol

WOO® Metabolic - Stimulate yout metabolism and burn fat

Stimulate your metabolism and burn fat whilst at the same time giving your immune system a boost in a natural way.

Fr. 99,00

WOO® Reset - 30 portion units of 15g

Dietary supplement with amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Fr. 87,00

WOO® BaoCol Formula

Dietary supplements with high fiber content, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, lactic acid bacteria and sweeteners

Fr. 119,00

WOO® Vital Plus - Strengthen yout immune system in a natural way

Strengthen your defences with WOO® Vital Plus.

Fr. 106,00

WOO® Basic

Beverage powder with vitamins and minerals

Fr. 1,60

WOO® Mineral Plus

Dietary supplement with minerals and trace elements

Fr. 39,00

WOO® Cell Protect

For protection of the cell from oxidation stress

Fr. 50,00

WOO® Basic+

WOO® Basic+ supports the acid-base balance, nourishes our intestinal flora and has a digestive effect.

Fr. 34,00

WOO® Vital

Composed with more than 60 different substances for a tasty drink

Fr. 106,00