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Our WOO® products contain vitamins, minerals & amino acids for your daily needs. We focus on natural nutritional supplements. WOO® Products - All Natural. Many of our products are now also vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. Find the right product in the areas of sports, energy, health & beauty.

WOO® Metabolic - Stimulate yout metabolism and burn fat

Stimulate your metabolism and burn fat whilst at the same time giving your immune system a boost in a natural way.

Fr. 99,00

WOO® Intermediate Box - Promote your awareness of healthy eating.

WOO® Intermediate Box is a 30-day nutrition plan which stimulates the metabolism and burns fat

Fr. 249,00

WOO® Reset - 30 portion units of 15g

Dietary supplement with amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Fr. 87,00

WOO® Vital Plus - Strengthen yout immune system in a natural way

Strengthen your defences with WOO® Vital Plus.

Fr. 106,00

WOO® Beauty - for beautiful skin, hair & nails

WOO® Beauty - The product for protection and care of your skin, nails, connective tissue and cells.

Fr. 134,00

WOO® Liquid Energy - For more energy, stamina & strenght

WOO® Liquid Energy makes peak performance possible! Feel more energy!

From Fr. 7,50

WOO® Focus

WOO® Focus are flavored soft candies with the lemon balm extract Bluenesse®

Fr. 50,00

WOO® Amino - Amino acids for a balanced diet

WOO® Amino can help with an unbalanced diet to supply missing essential amino acids to the body. The ideal dietary supplement.

From Fr. 2,00

WOO® Ultra Endurance

The sports drink for long and ultra-long endurance exercise

Fr. 79,00