WOO® vegan products

WOO® Ideal vegan food supplements for your body

An optimal micronutrient supply can bring various benefits, such as more energy and endurance during high demands, ensures healthy blood lipids and cholesterol, optimally supplements the daily need for vitamins and minerals and ensures a healthy and balanced diet. Our products are ideal dietary supplements.

Many of our products are now also vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. Find the right product in the areas of sports, energy, health & beauty.


WOO® Amino - Amino acids for a balanced diet

WOO® Amino can help with an unbalanced diet to supply missing essential amino acids to the body. The ideal dietary supplement.

From Fr. 2,00

WOO® Metabolic - Stimulate yout metabolism and burn fat

Stimulate your metabolism and burn fat whilst at the same time giving your immune system a boost in a natural way.

From Fr. 84,00

WOO® Reset - Fast regeneration and optimal deacidification

WOO® Reset is particularly suitable for everyday use. Up to three portions can be taken daily as a drink between meals and in the evening shortly before sleeping.

From Fr. 69,00

WOO® Liquid Energy

For more energy, stamina & strenght

From Fr. 7,50

WOO® Fast Endurance

The energy drink for before, during and after any exercise

Fr. 34,00

WOO® Basic+

WOO® Basic+ supports the acid-base balance, nourishes our intestinal flora and has a digestive effect.

Fr. 34,00

WOO® Vegan

WOO® Vegan is a high-protein flavoured beverage powder made from vegetable proteins.

Fr. 48,00

WOO® Cell Protect Plus: Protect cells & immune system

For protection of the cell from oxidation stress

Fr. 60,00

WOO® Shape Vegan

WOO® Shape replaces a meal without feeling hungry.

Fr. 79,00

WOO® Amino Plus - Food supplement with essential amino acids

WOO® Amino Plus the ideal food supplement with essential amino acids, L-carnitine and ribose. The food supplement for a balanced diet.

Fr. 79,00

WOO® Ingwer Formula - Boost metabolism, stimulate blood circulation

Boost metabolism, stimulate blood circulation. A natural help for the stressed intestine.

Fr. 79,00

WOO® Vital Plus - Strengthen yout immune system in a natural way

Strengthen your defences with WOO® Vital Plus.

Fr. 106,00