Amino Plus

Food supplement with essential amino acids

Amino Plus
Food supplement with essential amino acids

WOO® Amino Plus

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WOO® Amino Plus is the ideal food supplement with essential amino acids, L-carnitine and ribose. The food supplement for a balanced diet.



  • Watermelon

Packing unit:

  • 30 portions of 10 g each
Product information:

WOO® Amino Plus the ideal food supplement with essential amino acids, L-Carnitine and Ribose

WOO® Amino Plus combines the advantages of different ingredients. The result is a product that can be used in many ways.

WOO® Amino Plus can support weight loss and boost fat burning. WOO® Amino provides energy for everyday life and top athletic performance and enables a better energy supply via the fat metabolism.

WOO® Amino Plus supplies our body with protein via the essential amino acids. Regeneration and muscle maintenance are positively influenced. At the same time, the intake of essential amino acids can boost the metabolism and create new body and muscle cells. Muscle loss due to extensive sporting exertion or during a desired weight reduction is counteracted.

WOO® Amino Plus with L-Carnitine is designed to accelerate the production of energy from fatty acids and thus fuel the burning of fat. Optimal energy supply via the fat metabolism makes you more efficient. L-carnitine is also said to promote the ability to regenerate after hard endurance units. When weight loss is desired, L-carnitine is often taken for a better functioning fat metabolism. After illness, L-carnitine is often used to strengthen heart muscle function. The effect of L-carnitine is repeatedly the subject of scientific studies.

WOO® Amino Plus with D-ribose has hardly any effect on blood sugar levels and functions as an energy depot for the cells. ATP can be obtained very quickly from D-ribose. D-Ribose can support athletic performance and ensures healthy energy levels in the heart and muscles. In general, D-ribose supports athletic and mental performance.

Who is it for?

Who is WOO® Amino plus suitable for?


How to use

Add one sachet (10 g) to a glass of water (300 ml). Then stir in, mix and drink. Drink as a sports drink in combination with other WOO® products or also as a protein substitute in the morning, at noon or in the evening with meals. WOO® Amino Plus can also be used as an activator in a weight-controlling diet.

Nutritional values & ingredients

Nutritional values and ingredients


D-ribose, leucine powder ( L-leucine, emulsifier sunflower lecithins), L-lysine hydrochloride, acidifier citric acid, valine powder (L-valine, emulsifier sunflower lecithins), L-carnitine, isoleucine powder (L-isoleucine, emulsifier sunflower lecithins), flavouring, L-threonine, L-histidine hydrochloride, L-methionine, inulin, colouring food: Beetroot and safflower extract, L-phenylalanine, L-tryptophan powder (L-tryptophan, emulsifier sunflower lecithins), mango fruit powder, sweetener sucralose.


Amino acids

    per portion 10g
L-leucine mg 1215
L-lysine mg 900
L-valine mg 807
L-isoleucine mg 608
L-threonine mg 450
L-methionine mg 330
L-histidine mg 305
L-phenylalanin mg 225
L-tryptophan mg 119


Other ingredients




L-Carnitine Carnipure® *



Mango fruit powder Care300® *




* registered trademark

*% of the reference value (NRV) according to Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011


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