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metabolic force gmbh is a family business founded in 2007. Marcel and Karl Arnold share the responsibility for the management of the company.

Our aim is to position the premium brand WOO® with strong independent products in the food supplement sector and to establish it in the market. Nutrition and sensible supplementation are our core competencies. Our long-term experience and proximity to our target groups give us ideas for new products. Thanks to lean structures, we are able to react quickly to new scientific findings and develop and manufacture high-quality products.

We manufacture no mass-produced goods. Behind every WOO® product is a vision, a story. We take responsibility for our WOO® products through all development and production steps - from the product idea to the end customer. Our high quality promise for the WOO® brand demands and supports us every day.

Our customer base is diverse and versatile. WOO® is aimed at the target groups of sports nutrition, beauty, lifestyle and weight management. Our success is based on proven concepts and WOO® product combinations.

We and our employees work hard every day to make our visions a reality and to increase the WOO® brand recognition.

Our name stands for WOO®
Marcel and Karl Arnold


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